"Technology to the service of the development"


To execute our mission and to reach our vision we act with the following values:

  • Quality: to produce and supply products in conformity with the specifications and necessities of our customers.
  • Flexibility: to keep resources available to attend with agility the requests of our customers.
  • Qualification: to improve our knowledge level.
  • Social responsibility: to participate in social projects.
  • Satisfaction: to cultivate the participation and cooperation in an environment where the team work and the respect to the opinions be encouraged, favoring the creativity and initiative.
  • Environment: to develop, to produce and supply products and services causing the smallest environmental impact possible.



Hi-Tech Special Coatings S/A
Paran√° Street, 150
Zip Code: 06530 025 Santana de Parnaíba - SP - Brazil

Phone: +55 (11) 4156 5322
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